The Best Types of Concentrate Jars

best types of concentrate jars

A concentrate jar is a type of storage device specifically designed for THC concentrates. It's important to store cannabis extracts properly to extend the shelf life of the potency and flavor profile of the concentrate.

This is why if you’re a dabber you should invest in the right kind of wax container. Most good-quality concentrate containers are non-stick and durable to protect from accidental drops. Concentrates come in a variety of consistencies, there is shatter, wax, live resin, distillate oil and more. As concentrate is exposed to heat, it becomes stickier which is why it's important to keep your dabs in a temperature controlled environment. 

Types of Concentrate Jars

cannabis concentrate jars

The most common concentrate jars can hold 1 gram on THC extract and are typically made of glass. However, glass can break if dropped the wrong way, creating a mess and ruining the concentrate inside. For those who buy in large quantities, you can find wax containers that hold more than 1 gram of extract. It's important to learn about the different types of concentrate jars so you can determine which best suits your storage needs for dabbing. 

In this article, we will start off by listing the most common types of concentrate jars. Then, we will explore the best concentrate jar for sale for storing concentrates and why. 

Parchment Paper for Concentrates

This is a bit of an outdated method, but it’s one people still use nonetheless. This is not really the best option, but it does work. The trouble with parchment paper is how fragile it is. Parchment paper can easily rip and ruin your concentrates. This option is typically used by people who need a temporary and cheap storage solution. This inexpensive option is great for cannabis businesses who are producing the extract, but it will ultimately be put into individual glass dab containers for sale.

Silicone Concentrate Jars

Silicone is an option many people may go for because it has a number of advantages. Silicone is mostly non-stick, and is flexible. Another great benefit of this material is that it’s inexpensive, and durable. Most silicone dab jars today are made of medical-grade silicone which is the best type of silicone for storage and sanitary purposes. A silicone concentrate jar is a great option when looking for something that can fit comfortably in your pocket or bag.

Glass Concentrate Jars

Glass is a good option for concentrates. One of the pros of using glass is that it tends to be air-tight. This can be helpful in keeping your concentrates fresh. Glass dab jars are a great, inexpensive option. The downfall is of course the possibility of breakage.

Plastic Concentrate Jars

The cheapest option available to store cannabis concentrates is in a plastic storage container. However, plastic containers are not the best for holding wax that has a sticky consistency. They can also easily be crushed if accidentally stepped or sat on while inside your pocket. Plastic can also eat away at the terpenes in your extract. If you see a concentrate being sold in a plastic container you should question its quality. 

The Best Dab Container for sale in 2021

best concentrate jars

The Gyro by Bakked is the modern solution for keeping concentrates safe and fresh.

The Gyro is the ultimate storage container for dabs. The Gyro has addressed the needs dabbers have when it comes to concentrate storage. It is spill proof and will protect your concentrates at all cost. Learn all about the Gyro dab container below.


1. Spilling

Spilling is no doubt a dabber’s worst nightmare, no one wants to waste high quality extract that they paid good money for. The Gyro concentrate container makes it impossible to spill when sealed. You can spin it, toss it, shake it or drop it and it still won’t spill.


2. Damage Control

Bakked has made the Gyro nearly invincible. You can drop it from almost any height, and the Gyro will be fine. It won’t crack, spill, or get ruined easily. It uses multi-layer technology to prevent breakage. 


3. Price Point

The Gyro retails for the low price of just $15 dollars, which is a great price for the features included. If you want a unique and innovative way to store your concentrates, go to to find the Gyro dab container for sale.