Bakked Dabbing Glossary

Bakked Dabbing Glossary

Cannabis can be complicated. We use over 1,200 slang words for cannabis, not to mention the tons of ways used to extract and consume it. Of these, dabbing can be the most intimidating, with its intricate equipment and blow torch (yes, a literal blow torch). But fear not - We’ve assembled a glossary of all the need-to-know dabbing and cannabis terminology so you can get baked with confidence.

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cannabis dabbing process

1st Press 

    • The very first squish of a bud, without intense heat or pressure. Extracts trichome crystals, yielding a translucent and super-potent rosin.
cannabis dabbing process
2nd Press
    • Requires more heat and/or pressure to further extract rosin from plant material.
    • Darker and less potent.
cannabis culture
    • The official dabbers holiday, celebrated on the 10th of July. The date was chosen since the inverted 710 appears to spell out “OIL.”
dabbing tools dabaratus
    • A specific type of dab nail; the surface of a dab rig that holds a dab so it can be heated, vaporized, and inhaled. 
    • Bangers have a distinctive swan necked, flat bottom shape resembling a hammer (hence the name).
    • Preferred by beginners since the flat bottom is easier to heat evenly. 
cannabis concentrates dabbing
    • “Butane Hash Oil”
    • Cannabis concentrate extracted using butane as a solvent. 
    • Butter, shadder, wax, etc. can all be BHO if butane is used as a solvent in the extraction process.
dabbing tools bong
    • A water pipe, usually glass, used to vaporize, filter, and inhale dried weed. 
dabbing tools bowl
    • Part of the dab rig that holds the concentrate or dried weed. 
cannabis concentrates bubble hash
Bubble Hash
    • Cannabis concentrate consisting of trichomes separated from the plant using an ice bath, agitation, and sieving.
    • Sieving performed through a micron bag, AKA bubble bag.
cannabis concentrates budder
    • Solventless hash oil lightly heated and whipped, increasing aroma and providing a creamier texture that can be easier to dab.
    • AKA cake batter, whipped rosin.
cannabinoids dabbing cannabis
    • Natural compounds produced by plants and animals. 
    • Contributes to a functioning endocannabinoid system in humans; vital for health.
    • Plants that produce cannabinoids are superfoods; cannabis produces highest concentration.
dabbing carb cap
Carb Cap
    • Accessory that restricts airflow around nails or bangers so dab is vaporized at a lower temperature. 
    • Preserves quality and flavor of cannabis concentrate. 
cannabis culture chaz
    • To overheat the dab rig.
    • Example: “Agh, I just chazzed my banger!”
crumble cannabis concentrate
    • Dry cannabis concentrate extracted using a solvent. 
    • Defined by its unique malleable texture that crumbles when handled. 
    • Versatile; used for more than dabbing. 
    • AKA honeycomb wax
dabbing cannabis concentrate
    • The act of inhaling vaporized dabs using a specially designed dabbing device. 
dab nail cannabis tools
Dab Nail
    • Component of a dab rig that’s inserted into the water pipe of a dab rig; used to heat a dab of cannabis oil so that it can be vaporized and inhaled. 
dab rig cannabis tools
Dab Rig
    • A glass pipe designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates.
    • Filters the vapor of a cannabis dab through water held in the base of the pipe.
    • In addition to the central pipe, it requires a nail or banger, a dabber tool, and a heating device (i.e. a torch or e-nail). 
cannabis dabs dabaratus
    • Concentrated hash oil, with high levels of THC.
    • AKA wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, budder.
dab tool cannabis dab
Dab Tool
    • A pointed tool used to pick up a dab of cannabis concentrate and apply it to the heated surface of a dab rig.
cannabis diamonds dabbing
    • Rocks of crystallized THC.
cannabis distillate
    • Cannabis oil that’s distilled and refined to isolate desired cannabinoids.
    • Potent and versatile, distillate can be used to dab, vaporize, and as an ingredient in topicals and edibles. 
e-nail cannabis dabbing tool
    • AKA Electronic Nail
    • Device that uses electricity to consistently heat and vaporize a dabbing  concentrate.
glob cannabis dabbing
    • A large dab.
hydrocarbon extraction process cannabis
Hydrocarbon Extraction
    • Uses hydrocarbon as an extraction solvent, isolating desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.
dabbing joint size
Joint Size
    • The connection size between the bowl and the downstem. 
kief cannabis concentrate
    • Sticky and bulbous, filled with cannabinoids and terpenes; part of the trichome. 
    • AKA dry sift, dry shake, pollen, hash, hashish, keef, kif
knife hit dabbing
Knife Hit
    • A primitive form of dabbing without the use of a rig. 
live cannabis concentrate
    • Freshly harvested cannabis is immediately flash frozen; subcritical temperature maintained throughout the extraction process to preserve precious terpenes. Live resin presents the highest concentration and most complex terpenes profiles of extracted cannabis; delivers elevated psychoactive experience due to high terpene interaction with THC. 
micron bags bubble bags
Micron Bags
    • A Nylon mesh bag that filters cannabis oil from the plant; used when making rosin and bubble hash.
    • AKA bubble bags
percolator cannabis tool
    • Internal formation added to a bong or dab rig to further filter and cool cannabis’ vapor. 
purr inhale dabbing chugg
    • The sound made when inhaling on a dab rig.
    • AKA chugg
quartz banger dab
    • Premium material for banger dishes because it withstands and retains heat with less risk of breaking.
    • Preserves concentrate flavors better than other materials. 
rosin dabbing
    • Solventless extraction process, relying on varying degrees of heat and pressure to mechanically press out sappy or shatter-like substance from plant material. 
    • Can turn hash into dabbable oil. 
rip inhale dabbing
    • A single inhalation from a dab rig. 
terpene sauce
    • Term for terpene and and cannabinoid rich extract. 
shatter cannabis extract
    • Solvent extracted cannabis extract.
    • Brittle, glasslike texture is easy to handle when dabbing. 
solventless extraction cannabis
Solventless Extraction
    • Use of mechanical techniques rather than chemical solvents to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant materials. 
cannabis terpenes dabbing
    • Plant essential oils that give aroma, flavor, and effects to cannabis strains.
    • Enhances THC effects. 
titanium cannabis dabbing
    • Economical material used in dabbing equipment and tools. Dabbers should only use Grade 2 (medical and food grade) or higher. 
cannabis trichomes dabbing
    • Aromatic, tiny hair-like growths on the cannabis flower; high concentration of THC and terpenes. 
    • Crystalized cannabinoids and terpenes; gives the flower a frosted appearance. 
    • AKA frosty weed, kief, ristal, hash, goshe
dabbing torchtorch the weed


dabbing torchnoun: Tool used to heat concentrate or plant material when dabbing. 

torch the weedverb: To overheat or burn the weed


    how is bubble hash made
      • Part of the process for making bubble hash. 
    cannabis wax concentrate
      • A thick cannabis concentrate.